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Island Housing Needs Survey Launched

Have your say on the Island’s future housing needs by taking part in an online survey launched (Tuesday 7 January).

The Isle of Wight Council wants to give residents the chance to share their views on the housing needs of their area to help understand what homes the Island might need in 15 years’ time.

The results will form part of an evidence-based case being prepared by the council to demonstrate the real housing needs of the Island and challenge government-driven housing targets.

Councillor Barry Abraham, Cabinet member for planning and housing, said: “We would like to reach a position where we have an up-to-date and accurate picture of the housing needs in each of our towns and parishes over the next 15 years.

“It’s important that, when planning for the future of what our Island could be as we seek to further bolster our economy and provide opportunities for our young people, that they have the right type of homes to live in.

“We are committed to the fact, as per our corporate plan, that people have a place to call home and can live with independence.”

The six-week study asks for information about current households, for example the number of people living there, number of bedrooms and whether the home is rented, mortgaged or owned outright.

It also looks at future household needs, such as whether children might move out of the family home in the next few years and if so, what their plans could be and needs from Island housing.

Council leader Dave Stewart added: “Different people, families and individuals will have very differing needs — whether it’s starter homes, flats or supported living and extra care opportunities.

“If we don’t know what this is, then we cannot start to plan effectively. We know the population is growing and aging, and that currently we don’t have the right mix or number of homes available.

“We also know that building homes takes time to plan and to deliver which is why we’re doing this now as part of the core planning Island Plan review.”

Households are encouraged to complete the online survey as fully as possible at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/IWHousingNeeds2020