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Many thanks to Sue Birch (Brading Residents Association) for providing the following information:

MILK & MORE - items delivered by 7am. milkandmore.co.uk Address: River Way, Newport, PO30 5UX. Phone: 0345 606 3606

MEAL DELIVERY https://www.mobilemealscatering.com/ Address: 12 Foreland Road, Bembridge PO35 5XW Phone: 01983 872217

ISLAND FOODS https://islandfoodsiow.co.uk/shop Retail opening times Mon-Friday 7am-5pm, Saturday 7am-4pm Address: Unit 6 & 8, Cypress Court, 6 Cothey Way, Ryde PO33 1QT. Phone: 01983 717606

VEGETABLES https://livinglarder.co.uk/ Address: 36 Ventnor Road, Apse Heath, Sandown PO36 0JT Phone 01983 717164

FRUIT & VEGETABLES https://www.barrowboysiw.co.uk/ Address: Barrow Boys, 154-155 High Street, Ryde, PO33 2HT Phone 01983 566636


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