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Message from Phil Dominey, Senior Regional Development ManagerSouth Western Railway

I wanted to write to you to update you on our plans for testing our new fleet of Class 484 trains over the coming weeks and months, and to seek your support in sharing this message amongst Brading residents living close to the railway through your own channels.

As you will know, our Island Line services run throughout most of the day, with the service stopping at around 2330 and then resuming in the morning at 0500. There are often maintenance activities at night but rarely operational trains.

However, following the arrival of the first Class 484 trains last week, from 30th November we will begin testing of the trains before they enter service next year. This will include overnight testing, including during hours when passenger services are not running. We would therefore ask all residents to take extra care near the railway during the night. We are putting in place enhanced measures to ensure our crossings are safe but would ask that all users are particularly careful when crossing at night.

As a responsible neighbour, we will of course be working hard to minimise disruption as much as possible, but we do recognise that during testing there may be additional noise during our usual ‘quiet hours’, especially for those living in close proximity to the railway. Whilst we know this may be disruptive to our neighbours, this testing is crucial to the successful introduction of the new trains next year and all the benefits that will bring to the Isle of Wight.

We look forward to continued engagement with yourself and local residents in advance of the introduction of an improved Island Line next year and would welcome you sharing this message with the local community.

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